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Indirect Tax Update

On 17th January 2023, the Tax Department announced that the TAXISnet platform would be gradually replaced by the new Tax for All (TFA) portal. As part of its first implementation phase, TFA will only apply to VAT-registered individuals.

VAT-registered individuals are advised to update their TAXISnet login credentials by 23rd February 2023 by undertaking the following actions (if applicable):

  • You are required to update the e-mail address you provided when registering with TAXISnet
  • The username used to access the TAXISnet system should be modified
Update of the e-mail address

Registered VAT taxpayers are advised to update their electronic address (e-mail) as soon as possible via the TAXISnet website. In order for their account to be migrated from the TAXISnet system to the TFA system, this address must be valid.

To change the e-mail address, one needs to follow the instructions given on the Tax Department’s website at under the following headings:

e-Services / TAXISnet / Informative Material / Value Added Tax (VAT) Procedure for updating e-mail address at the TAXISnet system.

Update of username

Existing users must ensure that their username for logging into their TAXISnet VAT account contains a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 25 characters to comply with the new TFA requirements. Accordingly, existing usernames that meet the newly defined criteria do not require modification. 

You can change your username only by logging into your VAT account on TAXISnet, and following the steps below:

My account / User Access Codes / Username update / New Username / Update 

What can Alpha Audit do for you?

Our expert advisors can assist you with questions regarding the new Single Tax Administration Portal.

We provide a wide range of advice and assistance on a national and international level. Our efforts are tailored to meet your business needs and align with your strategy. In place of a lengthy list of suggestions, we prefer to provide valuable, actionable guidance.

Indirect taxes, such as VAT, customs charges, and excise taxes, can have a significant impact on a business. Our tax experts can analyse your company’s situation and offer strategic guidance and planning (such as tax audits, reorganisations, acquisitions, etc.). Additionally, we can assist your business in fulfilling its administrative duties and liaising with relevant administrative agencies.

Andreas Costa

Andreas Costa